First testing tour in Italy with the Campervan-prototype

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30 June 2017

‚Äč"Only to those who have our full confidence can be entrusted the most precious what we have."
For this reason, Fabrizio Caselani has decided to test personally our latest prototype, the Type H Campervan, with the most valuable crew onboard: his family.


The project was born from the collaboration of Fabrizio Caselani and David Obendorfer. A tribute to Flaminio Bertoni and his Citroen HY presented exactly 70 years ago, reinventing the legendary van in an up-to- date way, developed on Citroen Jumper chassis. The Type H 70th Anniversary Van will be produced by Caselani Automobili, located in the area of the Italian motor valley, in a limited and numbered edition of 70 units for each version.

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